Wednesday, June 18, 2008

- Life & Relationships -

Relationships… how strange they are na… When we were born we din’t have any idea about what they are…the first word that came into my mind was maa and the first relationship i had was a lady very loving and caring attitude she cared for me so much that she was left out with nothing… she shortened her diet to give me food and cared that even i eat a full belly and n number of times i demanded she gave me that… then it was night and she was so tired of my mischiefs that she fell asleep but she never minded anything…. I was feeling wet under me and started crying.. then i realized a stronger hand grabbed me and i was in those tough hands and he unhooked my undergarments and wrapped me with a dry one was lil comfortable then but i was really afraid of the new face…but suddenly mama made em realize that he is called Father but i loved to call him “BABA”.baba was too caring and he felt to be a proud father when i was in his hands… i realized that i am too lucky to have these two people around me…Then i was little worried as i found two small hands were there around my neck … and they were trying to get me away from baba… i saw baba made some lipsing and the little fellow was allowed to hold me … ma as well seen doing some lipsing and the little chap holed me was very happy and he was sitting in between maa & Baba… as i had no idea about the language they used i was unable to understand them but i was little convinced that the little fellow knows my father and maa as well even i felt comfortable with him…later on i got to know that he was my big Brother who was there after his school.Then in the evening some more ugly but curious faces were there in search of me.The nearer they became the more i was afraid. In hurry i tried to say maa that please save me and hide me behind fer arms… but i was surprised when maa herself made me their way … some older man did not hold me but his hands were over my head and he shouted something.. later on i knew that he was blessing me and he is my grandpa who seemed a curious and happy man for my maa… and slowly i got to know that they are my grandparents and some relatives…
Today when i think and remember all these things i find myself in a better understood person as far as relationship is concerned…But as you grow up in life the importance of life & relationships loose their charm and I find everything is matterialized (the speed may vary) But when i look back to the relationships i find only few are there in the same mode but maximum have lost their charm… in a time go i have developed manya friends as well but they are too behaving as if they had something due to me which they have repaid to me by giving me their time and now without any reason nobody calls…Anyway i have considered these things as part of life… lets live up….

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