Thursday, January 04, 2018

Its Shambhoo's First Day in Pre-School

Its in golden words now. 
Starting today (3rd jan 2018) my baby went to Pre-school and by gods grace its a golden day for me. We all were excited and Dugli too was excited to explore the new venture called school. Moti had done all pre requisites for the day i.e buying all essentials for him including school bag, water bottle and tiffin box. I did a puja and prayers for his first step in school and he too by gods grace enjoyed the day thoroughly. To my surprise he came out as an extra ordinary talent as he tried his hands in Painting. He painted within the borders indicating that he understands the concept very well. 

Take a look

Where babies pour colour outside the area he has chosen within the boundaries and specifies where to paint and where not. Its a golden start and thank you god for this. May he blossom like a lotus, bless him. 

Shmbhoo on his first day in Pre-School.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Happy New Year Wishes...

Its over and gone.... 
I am talking about 2017.

A year full of emergencies and opportunities. 
2017 started with positives and amid health worries it ended with good memories. 

A year with many fortunes brought worries as we were heading to replace Baba's Pacemaker. it was really  tough task as we were playing sole without any support. I remember the way the it was first placed. When the mental trauma of not having the monetary support, matured us mentally a lot at the same time it made it clear of the Pandavs and Kaurava. We understood clearly who is with us and who is in front of us. Well keeping this in mind we had the support of the medical Insurance which gave me confidence to look for the next step of narrowing a doctor and hospital for the replacement. I would thank god for the courage and guidance which made me shortlist two hospitals: madras medical mission and Apollo Hospitals. But looking at the cost factor I had to choose MMM and I was not disappointed of the treatment we got for the money. The entire process was smooth and without much noise and it was done successfully. Best thing was Baba liked the doctor and the Hospital very much. And with the insurance support the finances too were well managed. Thank God for everything. 

Prior to this my Father-in-law too had a sudden Blood clot in his brain and had to rush him for a surgery. But the timely call for surgery and follow up meets zeroed all worries. But it was a quite expensive call for us as we had to shell out a big savings. Well he has applied for a mediclaim but what is approved will be pure gift for us then. Lets hope for the best.

Amid all these worrisome happenings we had the opportunity to visit the US in mid of 2017. It was a maiden international flight schedule for Dugli & Moti. By God's grace It all went as planned. We three went Oregon and it took us 2-3 Months there to settle. With Moti's project demanded her attention my job called me back in India which I followed back. With another medical emergency where this time my mother had to undergo a Gall stone Removal which led to Removal of her Gall Bladder. It was then a hectic call to make. This time MMM supported well for checking Baba's pacemaker. But it was disappointing for her surgery. Then neighbourhood Akka referred us to RG Stone where the surgery was done after close to 20 days. Here again the insurance was there for our rescue. A good sum of claim and her successful surgery made it s good closure

It was pleasant call when Dugli had his 3rd Bday celebrations there in the US amid joy and happiness I bid farewell to 2017.

This year 2018 going to be my year indeed as I have planned a bit for this, lets wait and watch how it executes...

Wish you all a very happy and happening new year.
Stay Blessed.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Aahe Nilaa Shailo....

Who is he and why is he called Bhakta Salbeg.
In days where there was Mughal invasion of the holy land of Puri, Odisha there was a Muslim Soldier called Salbeg. At the end of one day he returned home severely wounded. His mother being a Hindu Brahmin advised him to pray to Lord Krishna and suddenly and miraculously his wounds were healed and to his surprise he felt relaxed. 

Impressed with this incident he was attracted to Hinduism and enquired more about this. His mother guided him the ways of life and then he turned to be a devotee of Lord krishna. He came to know Lord Jagannath is the incarnation of Krishna and then wanted to his darshan in Srimandir. But Srimandir being the a place of hindu worship where non hindus are not allowed entry he was barred from entering the temple. Devasted by this he cried a lot and the barefoot walked towards Vrindavan where he lived for a year. During his stay there in Vridavan he used to write and sing Bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna and so on.

A year later he got to know about the fact that in Rathyatra the lord of Puri Comes out of the temple itself and goes to his aunty's house for 9 days. And during these days anyone can see and meet Jagannath. With this hope Salbeg travelled back to Puri to see his Bhagwan but he know that he wont be make it to Rathyatra, on his way back he prayed to Lord to wait for him till he reaches Bada danda. Its witnessed that on the return journet to Srimandir, Nandighosha (Chariot Of Lord Jagannath) dint move forward and said to be waiting for Salbeg. late in the afternoon when Salbeg reached Bada dand and saw his lord on Nandighosh then only the chariot moved. What a relation between Bhakta and Bhagawan ... for those who believe he is there and for those who don't he is not.

One whose ancestors invaded states destroying thousands of place of worship in other religion and practice, the Lord does not differentiate and showers his blessing on those who do bhakti to him...

Below written one is probably the best bhajan by Salbeg ....

Aahe Nila Shaila Prabal matta Varan
mo aarata nalinee bana ku kara dalana!
Gajaraja chinta kala thai ghora jalena,
Chakra peshi nakra nashi, uddhrile aapana!
Ghorabane mrugini ku padithila kashana,
Kede bada beepatti ru kariaccha tarana.
Kurusabha tale suni Draupadi ra janana,
Koti bastra dei hele lajja kala barana!
Ravana ra bhai Bivishana gala saran,
Saran sambhali tanku, Lanke kala raajana.
Prahlada pita se je bada dushta daruna,
Stambha ru bahari taku bidarila takhana.
Kahe Salabega hina jaati re mu jabana,
Sriranga charan tale karuachhi janana. 

     Jai Jagannath.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Orissa is on right path ???

Recently ended assembly elections in Himachal and Gujrat sparked debate on the Gujrat model of progress and where its an electoral debate there has to be many facets of this and of course allegations and counters will be there. But amid all this discussion and debates how far development made makes a point and its a reason to compare it with other states where they are ... 

Orissa being my home state I would take the comparison. Lets take a look.

Orissa,as I know is a place where the this state has an image of poor state, one of the backward states in the country and most painfully a place with very few names of national repute. If I ask the question whom to blame for this, it wont be tough to answer this. Vision and Visionary leadership, Progressive Historian, unavailability of writers and poets and more over will power in general public are those to reason. 

If I look I see still people are struggling for the day's need and we have not been successful in developing or adopting a second mode of earning other than traditional farming. In farming too if we compare our farmers with those in other states, we are far far behind on the return on investment. With technology and state support wherein other neighbouring states are in a forward march we still lack the basic amenities. What I feel is a lack in leadership in Politics and a forward thinking bureaucracy. We just need an electric Engine, enough of the steam engine for development.
I remember few months back the state govt. declared to make Odisha, Educational hub for eastern part of the country. With many engineering and medical colleges, IIT, IIIT & many others it really attracts the youth especially from UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattishgarh & WB. But where does these fellow students go after the course.... answer is simple Bangalore, Mumbai Delhi,, ,Hyderabad and so on. Unless until we retain these trained guns herein Orissa how will we fire ??? So people mus understand and create an environment with ease of doing business and attract national and foreign investors to open industries and other employment generation hubs. 

Unless until we nurture and retain homegrown talent and attract investors as an opportunity we will lack pace in development.
Its not the educated and trained talent is moving out of the state, even the unskilled labour too is moving out. Why ? because of unavailability of organised and regular source of income which should provide employment and opportunity for growth of an individual. People are seen to travel to Surat, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and other part of the country. Cant we provide them earning opportunities in our home state too.

We need to seriously think of the present situation and act accordingly. I urge all stake holders in Politics and others in the society to constructively work towards solving this before its too late for us.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Should a Recruiter Prepare for an interview ???

I have witnessed many cases wherein there are long queues of candidates waiting to be interviewed and they keep on preparing for the questions and the best answers for them. In counselling session even they ask for the attitude, dress code, etiquettes, body posture and so on. Where there is a tough competition to be in the shortlisted ones, I feel the heat on the other side of the desk. Sitting in the interviewers place brings a sense of responsibility and I feel the recruiter must be prepared to face the challenge and pressure. Should he or shouldn’t he???

Well in the age of internet where there is ample ways to learn the interview skills why not the recruiter get trained???

Candidates prepare on Communication Skills, Behavioural skills, Soft Skills, attitude etc etc. these skills where make the candidate eligible in turn it makes the recruiter’s job tougher day by day. Where many recruiters in the IT industry are not from the IT background they are confined to screen the skills other than the technical skill. Now where the Engineering grads get out of college most colleges now provide interviewing skills to them and even they get mock interviews to crack it. With so much investment in time, effort and money where the candidates bring in their best to the interview table, Interviewer must have to have the correct skills to interview.

First of all a recruiter in interviewing to Select and not to reject so the purpose has to be met “Best available candidate Selected”

Most common and serious complaints about a recruiter are

  •         Recruiter was not aware of the schedule
  •         Recruiter was in a casual mood.
  •         Asked silly and illogical questions  
  •         No thought process.
  •         Dint go through the CV/Resume
  •         Recruiter was pre decided about the fate of the interview etc etc

HR Experts always talk of different modes and methods of interviewing Candidates and there has been many research papers and methods experimented on the entire recruitment process. But talks of getting the recruiter prepared are less in discussion.

Well do you think a recruiter too should be prepared for the interview? In my opinion yes a recruiter must prepare for it. A bit of seriousness and conscious effort would save many man hours to close a position which will definitely save revenue. A Recruiter must do the following a standard procedure for a successful recruitment process. Following are few points a recruiters must follow

·         Read the Position details thoroughly and understand the requirement.
  • Screen the resumes and if required discuss the position over phone to shortlist the prospective candidates.
  • Schedule interview with all the pre-requisites and with all the parties involved and block calendar.
  • Show courtesy and appreciate efforts for the interview.
  • Ask to the point questions and listen carefully.
  • Share a serious and positive attitude.
  • Conduct the interview without any interference and obstructions.
  • Enquire about the availability for next rounds of interview if you shortlist.
  • Share a written feedback and other manuscripts if any with the next level or round and coordinate for the schedule.
  • Follow up for the feedback from different departments and convey the result to the candidates. 
SSo next time you attend an interview just note these things in a recruiter and well rate them and the company they represent or work for.

Its Shambhoo's First Day in Pre-School

Its in golden words now.  Starting today (3rd jan 2018) my baby went to Pre-school and by gods grace its a golden day for me. We all wer...