Sunday, May 13, 2018

Srirangam Perumal.

I have always been inclined towards the spiritual and cultural heritage of Tamilnadu and the great and magnificent temple architecture and I don't miss any opportunity to satisfy my desire to visit them at any cost.
This time of the year its time for us to hire fresh pass-outs for our training program. Justin as a manager has always been in the front runner to visit campuses for this. But I as always push for walk-in drives to close the requirement and yes I have always been able to close them well within the timeline. But i dont deny for campus drive and even participate in them. This time he planned for KIOT, Salem and wanted me to lead it. I agreed and checked with the tech panel and Rex as assessment manager. Aravindan agreed to come with me but Rex had a different plan. He said we have the drive on friday after which lets go for Srirangam in trichy and then rockfort and other nearby places. It was little awkward but I agreed as i had a long pending plan for Srirangam.
It was a bright sunny day and as planned the drive went well and most importantly Aravindan was very happy and what else is needed I was pleased. We returned hotel and took rest. Next morning we got a bus from Salem and headed to trichy. Morning 10.30 we reached and we had to take a local bus to go to Srirangam. The moment we got down in front of the Huge temple I was speechless to witness the aboundancy and the great piece of architectural heritage. I was lost in the beauty of the temple and the nearer we went the more I was anxious and curious to know how people would have built this. The elegant gopurams and the main Gates of the temple were amazing to feel. You feel you are very small in size campared to the huge structures but the moment you enter the innermost chamber there he is on the sheshnag on his favorite ananta shayanam posture relaxing. What a beauty watching him when you have so much to discuss,ask, complaint but the moment I saw him my mind was blank and I was lost in his Darshnam... Only his eternal name yedukondala....srinivasa...venkateswara...Govinda...came to mind and that's it.

Namo Ranganathaswanigal...

Monday, April 30, 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Shirdi ke Sai,mere sai...

I was in the ground floor of my office to meet and discuss an issue in recruitment. I was returning and saw Suresh on his desk and we shared a chat. In due course he told ne that he is looking for the right size crown for baba. He said he tried at all possible ships to get the right sized crown for Baba but he couldn't. Also he showed the broken crown that needed repair. I was willing but hesitated a bit to offer to get one. He said he is searching and i suggested few places where it could be available. He said he will look at those places. I added that if he need my help let ne know.

It was around 9.25 pm i got a message from Suresh asking to help him. I was having my dinner at that time and finished it immediately. Locked and started my scooter towards Saravana Store. It was almost 9.50 and its closing time, but i managed to get in. I went to the floor and asked the salesman about it. He showed me the two last pieces of crowns. One red and other white. Red one was perhaps a used one and i din't  like it.white one was okay but i din't know the size. I called him and asked the size but i din't want to go for an odd size. He said he will bring the crown to get me the size. But unfortunately i was very busy next day and i couldn't meet him.Next day i saw the crown and got an idea. Next day it was sat and i thought to go for a round in chromepet but to my surprise i din't get anywhere. 

Sunday I prayed him to help me and suddenly an idea struck im my mind to look at Tambaram. It was crowded as usual and i was struggling to park my scooter and i saw place available in kiskinta but i had to go to saravana store next to it. The attendant there asked me if i need to shop at kiskinta, i too nodded as yes. Before this i had a round search in Tambaram too but din't get anywhere except an advise to search at saravana store.  To appease the attendant I entered Kiskinta and enquired and the guy directed me to the first floor of another branch in the other lane. I said let me check and to my surprise i got it there in two colours ;  pink and white. Immediately i called Suresh and asked which colour he need , he replied to get the white one as he has a pink one. I asked for the measuring tape to confirm the size and happy. Clicked a  pic and sent it to Suresh. 

He knew about my roaming of many shops and also he knew that its in kiskinta. Next dat i left it on Suresh's desk. Evening i got a message on whatsapp that its correctly fitting him. I said its all his will we are just his puppets. I feel happy to know Suresh's joy and love for Baba. 
All his maya and will.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Social network is not only Social now, its personal and beyond 👍 👍

There has been much discussion on the use of social media and its effect on individual's health. But when there is more than a billion mobile connections in a society and easy and faster access to internet is available its tough to resist the usage of social media or internet among people. 

I have noticed not only the young generation but the older generation too is not very much away from the addiction. I have seen people were luring their parents and elders to use internet. Forget about elders, children too are not immune to these screens or addiction. May be its a touch screen mobile or a TV or a computer, babies are left with these screens for hours together. This brings the interactive human behaviour to a stall. Hence limiting the development of their brain.

May there be enormous futuristic technologies and the most advance technologies like the cloud, big data, Many one touch solutions in man's life the most exciting touch of love and affection cant be demeaned. I see emotions and responses in whatsaap status quotes and the same can be well judged by ones likes in facebook. And there are many other activities in ones social usage activities by analysing which one can ascertain the user's mental and emotional status. Social network is no more social rather its been a public platform to express your internal feeling and emotions. Earlier when people used to have conflicts they used fight it out and express it or surrender to it. But now where people face confrontations and where they find no acceptance or affirmation of their views they find social media an option to release their frustration. But these are in most cases backfires and should be avoided. And secondly these frustrated posts or status notes create the most weird confusions and leads to worst results too. Recently my friend got to for a weekend football match with me and he put it in his whatsaap status as "feeling excited, after a log time will play & feel relaxed", now think of all probable  weird guesses by people around. The responses were really nostalgic. 

Anyway there are positives and negatives in all aspects wherein one has to be cautious in choosing between good and bad choices.

Loka Samasta Sukheena Bhavantu...(my whatsapp status means may everyone be happy)👍 

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

दिल का चैन तो बस तुझसे है ...

More than 8 years have passed when I first met her. I was in Delhi and She was in Chennai. Its an arranged session wherein I met her for the first time and decided the way forward. It was a pre-determined visit as we had already talked to each other over phone. I remember her coming to the first room where I along with other members were sitting. She came with the head scarf and after that the one on one meeting in the second room. From the day one I have told myself that she is better half and she always will remain the same. Its love which unites hearts and I feel no difference when I think of her other than talking to myself. Years have passed I have remained the same I used to be but situations may vary and reactions too may vary. I am ready and will always be at the receiving end whatever comes back to me. I Love her more than I love myself and would continue to do so till I am alive. 

यूँ तो बहत है जमाने मैं  हमगुजर मगर 
दिल का चैन तो बस तुझसे है ... 

Its her birthday on 31st March and wish her Happy birthday.

Love you.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Medicines for the body, Mind is unattended.

This week started with a low note wherein health had a concern...

Medicines for the body, mind is unattended. 

Changes in lifestyle is the new demand your body asks but the change brings a change which is unsettling many habits and practices. Anyway its enough of  many habits wherein there is no booze, smoke and sedatives, need for going out and getting a fresh habit is what i am looking at.

On an official note its really a positive turn. 
Attended two webinars enriched with knowledge on leveraging Human Capital and understanding the importance of making a candidate delight for a better candidate experience.  Both  the aspects are different where the first talks about the skill and attitude of leadership the other talks about the extra mile effort by corporate players to attract the high demand talent market. 

With the fast changing environment wherein leading a team of educated & talented individuals and get the desired output in time is a concern a progressive leadership attitude equipped with knowledge and tools to handle complex business models is the demand of time.

Other topic wherein there are tools and platforms available to reach the high end talent, talent himself is the chooser. Hence companies now thing the reverse way and make policies accordingly so that talent itself prefers to work for them. Now companies think of the candidate delight instead of candidate experience not only in the interview selections but also in rejections and their feedback too.

Anyway with Indian Super League (ISL) reaching the final stage, I need to really look for alternatives. Arnab is not interesting these days and neither other news channels. Anyway will keep hunting... 

With Holi in the weekend wish you all "happy and colourful Holi".

Signing off 

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Its Shambhoo's First Day in Pre-School

Its in golden words now. 
Starting today (3rd jan 2018) my baby went to Pre-school and by gods grace its a golden day for me. We all were excited and Dugli too was excited to explore the new venture called school. Moti had done all pre requisites for the day i.e buying all essentials for him including school bag, water bottle and tiffin box. I did a puja and prayers for his first step in school and he too by gods grace enjoyed the day thoroughly. To my surprise he came out as an extra ordinary talent as he tried his hands in Painting. He painted within the borders indicating that he understands the concept very well. 

Take a look

Where babies pour colour outside the area he has chosen within the boundaries and specifies where to paint and where not. Its a golden start and thank you god for this. May he blossom like a lotus, bless him. 

Shmbhoo on his first day in Pre-School.

Srirangam Perumal.

I have always been inclined towards the spiritual and cultural heritage of Tamilnadu and the great and magnificent temple architecture and I...