Friday, November 04, 2011

Odia , Odisha & its people.

 After years I tried my hands in writing a letter in Odia and believe me it was difficult to write as the finger movement needed much to work on the paper to write the fonts. For your knowledge i should tell you that unlike English the letters in oriya are much complicated and need a better effort to write a good hand-writing. But let me tell you it was really tough to get something on paper,forget about the handwriting.But one thing is for sure my fingers remembered the letters so correctly that i was surprised at times when i wrote conjoint letters. It took me 20-30 minutes to write a full page letter expressing my thought at that time. I managed to get an average handwriting & one can only manage to read & understand what I wrote.
I remember my School Days when I used to speak , read & write in Odia only and read English as a subject in the class. When somebody spoke good English then, people used to admire him with great respect &considered English as a better language. Now I remember the poor Tripathy Sir who used to teach us ODIA was behind English and his love for the odia language was so intense that anyone who used to utter English in his class he used to punish him. But now when English has invaded everything and people with out a good ascent are considered as good for nothing , where are those Odia lovers.

I, being an Odia have travelled many parts of the country India.From North in Jammu where people speak Dogri to extreme south place like Trivendrum where people speak to Malayalam. But i have learned one thing that unlike people in Odisha people in all other parts of the country love their language and love to practice it. More strictly in you will not find signboards and hoardings in Andhra written in language other than Telugu. Down south the love for the language has risen to a level that people feel comfortable only when they speak to like spoken people. like say Mumbai if you adress people in public place in Marathi there is a better response from people. But in Odisha people feel degraded against people speak English & other languages. This is my feel that this could be a reason like we Odia's dint pick English Properly & our love for Odia has restricted to our school books. But one thing is that Odia is a great language and we people must respect our language and wear it in our hearts being an Odia by heart.

In continuation i wrote the letter to my father-in-law and he was more than happy to read it in odia. One thing I thing is for sure that till people like me are there & people like my father-in-laws are there odia will be there in our heart and we feel our chest expand by few meters in a thought that we are Odia...

I pray to the almighty lord that may Odisha bolster its voice in Odia everywhere and anywhere Odia people are there they shoud say it loud

Long live Odisha
Long live Odia
Long live the Odia Culture.

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Samajh jata hun teri khamoshi magar..

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