Saturday, November 19, 2011

Price rise & fare Hike in Tamil Nadu

It was a tired evening yesterday when i got down at the Chromepet railway station on my way back to home. It was something unusual as there was a mammoth crowd waiting for the public transport system to arrive. It was unusual because of the huge mass of crowd. Amid chaos 2 buses reached & within seconds got overcrowded as well. Next I could listen to arguments between people & the conductor ; the reason was the hiked fare. Till then I was unaware of what was going on , but in public & personal interest, on enquiry got to know that effective yesterday fare of certain item has been raised by the AIADMK govt. This include Bus fare, Milk Prices & a proposed hike in the power charges as well. This is in anomaly to the centres denial for a revenue demand of the state, the Tamil nadu govt which is running on huge revenue deficit Ms Jayalalitha has Finlay taken the bold steps to increase the price. Addressing the people of the state through her party TV channel, Jaya TV, she said the state was forced to increase the bus fares and milk prices to save the loss-making public sector undertakings from becoming dysfunctional. She said the state cabinet which met on 17th, discussed the present situation prevailing in the Transport and Electricity departments and their crisis run along with that of the State-owned Aavin, which meets the milk needs of the public.

Considering that the Centre was adopting step-motherly attitude by not sanctioning even a single pie to the state which was deep in financial crisis, Ms Jayalalithaa said the bus fares were hiked from the present 28 paise per km to 42 paise in mofussil areas and that of Express and Semi-deluxe buses from 32 p to 56 p. She said the fares of super-deluxe and Volvo buses were hiked from 38 p to 60 p and that of Ultra-deluxe suburban buses from 52 p to 70 p.
She said the cabinet had also decided to hike the mnimum bus fares in metros other than Chennai from Rs two to three and the maximum from Rs seven to 12. ''In Chennai, the minimum fare will go up from Rs two to three and the maximum fare will go up from Rs 12 to 14,'' Ms Jayalalithaa, said and added the despite the hike, the bus fare structure was far less when compared to other southern states.
Noting that the demand of milk producers seeking hike in procurement prices was justified, Ms Jayalalithaa said of the total 150 lakh litres of milk produced per day, the state-owned Aavin procures about 22 lakh litres. Conceding their demand, she said the procurement price of cow milk was hiked from Rs 18 to 20 and that of buffalo milk from Rs 26 to 28. Conseuquent to this, the toned milk sold to the public by Aavin through cards was increased from Rs 17.75 per litre to Rs 24 per litre.

So, now when everything is getting a good raise, we need to pull our pockets deeper ? All hopes are on facts like salary hike, job change & appraisals or a perk to satisfy the deficiancy .lets see what happens. Nevertheless these factors are not going to get you more, hence better be prepared for the worst time to come...

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