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Pen pal , Penfriend & my friend ( Mayusha )

Its Mayu's Birthday today...& for the first time in the last 10 years of my communication to her i called her & wished her Happy Birthday. And the reaction from her was amazing. We both felt happy to talk to each other as I never wished her on her birthday. I generally forget dates & as i hate to remember dates, months & years, but this time i don't know how come it came into my mind that its 10th Nov & its her birthday. I called up her & wished a very happy birthday. She was back from her night shift & was answering all callers, we were talking how 10 years have passed on to our pen friendship. In today's world where mobile phones & Internet has replaced the snail mails the way our pen friendship has survived it just amazing. However we have shifted our communication base from writting letters to mobile phone messages & facebook scraps, e have come a long way in pen palship. 

The origin of this wonderful relationship goes way back to early 2000s when she was a 10+2 student & i was a fresh graduate. I was in Dharubedha,Rajasthan , a place nearly 30 - 40 kilometers from Gurgaon  wherein I was like a newborn in the chaotic northern state of India planning for my Management diploma. Before i could join a regular Management course i had 5-6 months time in hand and then  i was a quite lone soul there. I remember i was not even speaking a good Hindi ascent, forget about English.Coming from an Odia Background I knew only Odia & split Hindi. I was with my uncle there and once he is out for office then " main aur meri tanhayee.....aksar yee baatein karte rehte koi hota jo meri sunta yar phir koi hota jise main apni sunata..." I was in this condition for more than 2 months & I was behaving like a half mad who broke out of the mental asylum. Suddenly i got hold of Indian Express one Friday & the supplement on youth  "the youth Express". One thing that caught my eyes was the Pen pal column. I then thought to have a pen pal to whom i can write & share views. what next ......I wrote it to the editor & luckily it got published in the next to next Week. And next to this, i had around 40+ responses to my ad I was excited enough to reply to each  everyone of them. And a journey started since then i passed on through many ups & downs in exchanging thoughts. I used to get responses maximum from southern region as the news paper is less circulated in the northern parts. Friends who wrote about their college fun activities to family issues & from career plans to marriage plans , the exchange of thoughts were full of humour & excitement for me. in time span of couple of years people started to part ways out but the one who struck with me was Mayusha; the vibrant killer from my very own state of Odisha. we started when she was in her 10+2 & when time passed on she did her graduation , then post graduation & now engaged in her job. From me shifting from Rajasthan to Delhi to Chennai , she too has made a good run from Bhanjanagar to Vizag to Hyderabad to Chennai to Bangalore Now. One thing that dint change was the communication between us. From sharing daily humour to me getting job changes & her brother's marriage we have come a long way. It looks like i am watching a movie but thank god its happeneing in the real world & I am a part of this.

On her birthday today...May the great Ganesha bless her with all happiness & good fortune.

Thank you so much Mayu for being with me for so long & I wish our friendship remains forever...


  1. Life is worth a lot more, when you have friends by your side. :)

    Arnab Majumdar


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