Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dosti-duniya aur orkut…

I had a dream ever to make number of friends when i was in my intermediate….then i jumped to college.. i remember i was in a mood to find out options for a search engine for friends.. i was a well communicated and a talkative guy in my college… as i liked the subject BIOLOGY and my professors too liked me because of my love for the subjects. i remember when the professor was not there in the biology class i was asked by the other lecturers to take the class for junior classes. in this way i was a popular figure in my college and i took the advantage to gain attention of the public and my desire to make lot of friends was full filled. in the same go when i came to Delhi in 2000 i had the same desire to expand my friends circle. I remember i used to read YOUTH a weekly supplement in the INDIAN EXPRESS which was published on every Friday. I remember i had put a to liner add in the same youth express in the “ink link” column. After two month i received a handful of 40 letters in reply to my add in the youth Express. I was a happy man and i started replying to the letters. And it was a regular activity to reply and receive letters daily. I still continue the same penfriends and i am having a happy and healthy friend circle.When i started it was 44 but not it has reduced down to 5 people only (DEEPTHI from Chennai,Mayusha-Bhubaneswar,Renitha - Bangalore,Sunil- Jaipur,Ram-mumbai). But now the frequency of letters has converted to e mail and phone calls. But form last month we have restarted the process of sending letters to each others.This already 6 years we are having this noble relationship. we share our thought , we share our views and we advice each other on specific issues and we do it frankly. We speak about many a things ,issues and share our thoughts and ideas. I feel proud when i find one of these friend has got a distinction in her college and get sad when i see somebody in sombody’s family has passed away. We have completed 6 big years and would be connected as long as possible.

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