Tuesday, June 17, 2008

in search of a new Destiny

Its the day before yesterday when i had to finalize my accommodation in Delhi as we friends are getting apart and each one of us had to look out for separate accommodation… This is the first time in my life i am going to live alone. It was in September 2001 when i came top Delhi in search of a brand new look to my lifestyle and a career.From then till now its already 7 years have passed and i am sharing my accommodation with my friends.Now the time has come when my friends are getting married and for the same reason we need to live or independently. SO in search of a new Destiny i wondered the wide streets of Delhi to the narrow galis. For an average earning guy in Delhi an economic accommodation is not finite or impossible but need to have patience and a great search Engine in mind. At least n number of visits to the property dealers and individual owners finally i managed to get an accommodation which is not so modest and not so bad. From my point of view i find the same as a good one. With a definite responsibility and a consciousness in my mind i am going to change my address and hoping the best. In a couple of months time i am going to make numerous changes in my current lifestyle and this will definitely affect a lot to that.Where i am single and ready to mingle and with my brother coming to me i have a great shoulder of responsibility and courage to handle the forthcoming changes in my life. With a twist in my career i need to have a eagle eye on the ongoing changes in the industry and accordingly choose the right blend of interview calls and choose the best option to keep the ball rolling. With additional responsibility from My Younger brother’s coming to Delhi,fathers retirement this month and the next change in my hometown are matters which needs my attention. I am well prepared to take a head on collision with the issues and will efficiently be able to handle them. But what all i need is your best wishes…will you wish me no…

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