Thursday, September 11, 2008


Again i am speeding up the ereincarnation process and i Am feeling the urgency of a fasterness of the process. This might be the experience that is making me feel the heat. This was a change which was much awaited and as hings are changing I am too changing myself to get on to the pace. This is one more step towards rebuilding myself.
This week there are couple of lessons are taught to me by the surrounding people and I too feel the intensity of the lessons... This happened because I could not foresee the situations and its affects. These are all personal traits that I need to develop in me so as to handle the situations in a better way... Here I feel to do some modification in my personal nature to handle the profile in a much better way...This is just been proved that people are using me and my honesty. This happened in just a planned way and i was targeted by few people. Anyway i have made up the ways to handle such issues. There has to be some changes in personal nature to handle the issues professionally. Again I will be coming back to the reformation phase and will change the few principles to be a Better "ME". SO here I go with the reformation stage to repair the "me". Till then hold on babes...

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