Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the pursuit of happiness.

The day before yesterday was a day wherein i got to realize my dream . For the first time i realized that i too have something to do on this earth. Even i had many a plans for life but in my career i got a new direction and got a new destiny and since then i am feeling restless to make it a reality. This all happened because of a Hollywood film namely " the pursuit of Happiness". I was a good fan of Mr.Will Smith and i had witnessed him in independence day and liked his performance and the day before yesterday after seeing the Movie I am a die had fan of the ace actor. I am impressed about his dynamic personality and would love to meet him once in my life. This is because of him only i am able to find my goal in life and the day will come when i will write my success story and will be a better satisfied man. till then its all a top secret...

in sa allah ...amen

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Samajh jata hun teri khamoshi magar..

Samajh leta hun main  khamoshi teri magar , Rok lun chahat ko apni ye bhi tujhse suna hai.