Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The most debated Issue across Borders ( Kashmir)

These days the international Community is keeping eyes on Pakistan as musharraf Resigns and the valley of Kashmir Because of the Issue with the land dispute with the Amarnath Shrine Board. With Mushraff resigning on his terms and conditions the pakistani Government is ready to announce the next president's name. But the the issue with the land dispute with the Amarnath shrine Board is very much Intensifying day to day. I clearly dont know when the land dispute issue became an issue of Freedom of the Kashmir Valley. The kashmir dispute is not a day old issue but it is a 61 year issue between to neighbouring country. This part of Land on the Himalayan foothills has been in news and a National agenda for Pakistan. Even It has landed few wars between the two countries and resulting into the birth of a third country Bangladesh,but still pakistan is having issues with Kashmir. This issue did not get any hype in Indian or International media as the international community too considers this as an integral part of India. Pakistan has a national agenda for the country and have declared kashmir as a national issue and that is the reason Kashmir is important for pakistan. Again pakistan has no national agenda and not having any vision in any field. That may be a reason for which every Political or the army ruler has put Kashmir as a national issue for pakistan to drive popularity and votes for the party. The general public and the economic condition of the country pakistak is too bad but the government is least bothered about that but they spend huge money on defence expenditure and in the name of security. Recently the Amarnath shrine board had got some land as its property but some dispute happened and the land was taken away and the Governor was transfered by the Congress Let UPA Govt in Delhi. That is where it all started and till date its hunger strikes,Road blockages to national band has been observed to protest the moov. people with every religion have participated in the issue... This is the way how kasmir was in news again. Few political parties again playing dirty politics and the agenda is now shifted from Amarnath shrine board to the Issue of Kashmir and its freedom. Again VHP and other Hindu Extremists too taking this opportunity to ignite Communal insurgency in different part of the country. The UPA govt is much serious about the issue as the Prime minister has urged all Political parties to get the issue resolved in a better and quickest way to retain peace in the valley. Yesterday I read that Arundhati Roy too has written that people of Kashmir want freedom from India and Pakistan. Who the Hell is she to say this. I think She is just misusing her popularity to draw some cheap popularity. Lets just refrain from the unnecessary agitating and cheap politics and let the issue be resolved ASAP. Anyway we have leaders from the state of jammu and Kashmir and we have an Assembly as well in the state. Please Let them do their work and lets don't disturb and create agitation in between.
( this is my perception and altogether my views on the issue.. if you have anything to say you are welcomed to put comments)

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