Monday, August 04, 2008

Recruiting Mistakes ( Gender Bias)

I remember the annual speech of Th ex prime minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari bajpai in one of the addressing speech to the nation that his Government was coming up with 20000 new jobs in Govt Sector but he had asked the youth to be independent and keep their eyes wide open for the huge upcoming Private sector. I was a Enthusiastic student then and was aspiring to have a bright future. I completed my studies and entered in to the Private sector and i knew that i have do it myself as my college was not providing Placement services then. I did it through facing many a Interviews and choose my path to today's place. As i choose Human Resource as the Profession I feel its a responsibility most shouted in the industry. When you are asked to recruit n number of People with a certain skill set your calibre and the time spent in recruiting the same is all that counts with the most Cost officiant way for the firm you work for. I have managed to achieve the same to reach my organizational Goals. But at this juncture of my career where i have interviewed thousands of people and have taken decisions on recruiting or not recruiting I find a big question to be answered. I have often met and discussed the situation with my counterparts in different companies. The question being the Gender bias in recruitment in Different sectors and its the most in the Private sector (As we dont have any reservations in this area and Govt sector and PSU's are having the least affected to gender bias in Recruitment). You take a note that when a Female candidate applies for the same position for which a male candidate has been interviewed in 90% cases the female candidate has been offered a better compensation package. Even the recruiter finds the same skill set in both the interviews but he offers a better package to the female applicant. You may lobby it by saying that the Female employee has a better Communication skill and flair to handle the JD effectively but i would defend by saying that still three are biased decisions on the same topic. SO the recruiter's prospective has to be changed and I would urge to the upcoming and existing recruiters pool to see it as an improvement area and act accordingly. Above all i would say that the best fit in the said JD should be recruited with out a gender bias. This may be for an instance to encourage the female population to aply for the existing position but one cannot take it for granted that male candidates are underdogs. overall i would suggest to keep performance and output as the decision making factors on the work front. Then only we will have the right blend to succeed in the fast changing and competitive world. I wish you won't take it otherwise. For a healthier discussion your inputs are always welcome.
- jr

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