Tuesday, August 19, 2008

india in Beijing olympics 2008

Monday it was a big blow to the Indian Hope for Medals in the ongoing Beijing Olympics when Akhil Kumar lost his match, a win could have placed him in the run for a medal. But in a clear 3 set defeat by Moldovan Veaceslav Gojan in the quater final. The Haryana Boxer had high hopes for a medal in the race but the loss put him into a frustrating situation. The whole match was dominated by the ace Boxer Gojan who did not allow Akhil to get a punch by his excellent back footwork. It seemed Gojan was well prepared and Akhil seemed less worked out on his game plan. He missed the bulls eye with shere ambition with out a strategy. With this loss Akhil who had created a joyful ambiance in the Indian squad i beijing is out of the Game. With this the medal winning hope have shifted their base to Bijeinder and Jitender who will be playing their quarterfinal matches to the hope to win medals in nest matches. Lets wish them Best Of Luck...

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