Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time for war on pakistan ...

Enough !!! This is too much the neighbouring country,Pakistan's stand on cross boarder terrorism. This time it has crossed all limits and every time Pakistan had reasons to hide the cause and lack of proper evidence had saved it from the international community. But this time if pakistan genuinely condemns terrorism and if it really want to fight against it then in no time it has to stop all jehadi and terrorist camps from its soil. In one side of it says that it condemns terrorism and in other side its directly or indirectly funds the terrorist camps. SO the time has come either to be with terror or the to stand against it. Pakistan has lost its credibility and can never be a state free of terrorism.
Secondly how cheap and lack of consciousness the foreign minister of Pakistan has shown in the whole scenario of Mumbai attacks. This shows the failure of a democratic govt in a country like pakistan which must be called as a military dictator's state. It also shows the lack of leadership skills and a clear cut idea against terrorism. this implies that the in one or the other way pakistan is involved in terrorist activities.

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  1. War would be the worst thing to happen to the resurgent Indian economy. We must not let Pakistan or US to instigate us into any armed conflict. We must pressurise US to block all aid to Pakistan and destroy them economically. We must divert the river water from Satluj and Ravi as much as we can. We must create obstacles in the smooth functioning of the Karachi harbour. Needless to say, we must stop all trade activities with Pakistan which is going to wreck them financially. We can start off with sabotaging their cricket series.

    We would be falling in Pakistan's trap if we declare a war. It will give ISI and their army a needed stimulus and divert the attention from Afganistan. This will give Pakistan an excuse to remove their troops from the Afgan border. The war would also help the sagging American arms industry. But the war would impede our economic growth. The world is jealous of our superb economic growth and are trying to stop us from becoming a super power. Do not fall in their trap.

    Instead of waging a war and losing our precious resources and lives, we must blackmail them using our international clout. Remember, we got our independence as we made it economically unfeasible for the British to rule by non- cooperation. That was the genius of Gandhi. We must show some acumen and use our intelligence. Afterall we are a nation of 'Chanakya'.


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