Monday, December 29, 2008

PSU's are Recruiting...

As the recession period s going on and every company is cutting cost and downsizing the existing manpower,the Indian PSU's are on the other way to recruit manpower and that to in a large scale. From NHPC( National hydro Power corporation to Uco bank every entity is in a mode to expand theri manpower in focus to their future need of skilled manpower. When private sector companies witnessed loss in the current third quarter (FY 2008-09) & with the sensex down in the equity market the public sector is floating some hope for the fresh pass outs along with the layed off employees. Banking institutions like ,Allahabad bank,uco bank,Union bank,Sb,ICICI ,the railways to NTPC everybody is recruiting. According to my observations these new recruits will be live by the mid of next calender year and this is just a part of the regular attempts to fill up the upcoming and the empty vacancies in the PSU's. Whatever could be the reason behind it but the fresher's world is happy with this movement and is all set to make it work for them...



  2. Dr.Asthana,
    Let me make a statement that India is nowhere near to recession (the GDP is still 7%) and corporate world in india is taking teh undue advantage of the news that the recession period is going on. Yes I agree that many business entities have cut down their operation and many have downzized their manpower. But these are those companies who have direct FDI in market which earns thier main revenue in International market.


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