Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Genuine are the action taken by the govt. Of Pakistan ???

Recent news from the US Pakistan govt officials says that Pakistan has Agreed to declare the Jamat-ud-Dawah as a terrorist organization and t ban it. All this drama has happened under immense pressure from India and the International Community especially the Us. Earlier the dialogs from the Pakistani Prime minister and the Diplomats were not even accepting the fact and now they are ready to declare and even Ban the terrorist activists. Secondly within 24 hrs of building international pressure from the us and other countries they have caught the top shots of the LET and Masood ajhar. This insists the full planned knowledge of the Pakistani Govt and Army which acts parallel. in a democracy where army and Politicians work simultaneously such kind of irresponsible actions are not surprising we Indians. But we indians are much focused in combating Terrorism and we urge the international community to put immense pressure to declare Pakistan as a Terrorist country and seize all economical aids and crook the mentally sick country. We always have pointed out the necessity of building a common front against terrorism all over the world weather its pakistan,Iran or korea. But pakistan has cropped an anti indian national policy in pakistani media and pakistani people. Secondly the crooked army of Pakistan is using the Us aids in terrorist activities and particularly against India. We have always warned the International community about the increasing terrorist activities from Pakistan army (ISI) & from pakistani Soil. But pakistan was denying in all possible reasons. But this time it has been exposed in front of the international community and we will nail down the scribbled country to end terrorism. We are all powers to combat any military attack by pakistan. History reckons our tanks were there in Lahore in the 1971 war and we had released the pakistani soil. weather its Kargil or 1971 everytime we have lodged a win over them and now if another war is in store for them then also we are ready.

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