Thursday, December 18, 2008

No.10 Shoes for Mr.President

it was a Monday morning as per IST when the video was aired in all the news channels that an Iraqi journalist fired shoes at Mr. President. Amid tight security when the president started to address the press journalists,suddenly an iraqi reporter stood up and threw the first shoe aiming at the president but the president bent towards and escaped the strike, but within few seconds the active journalist shot the second shoe aiming at the president.But this time too the president was lucky. This is a very tough way to show the iraqi objection to the American dominance in Iraq. When the President told to the press that the American Army will be there in Iraq for the next 3 years and this is in the betterment of the Iqaqi people and the Iraqi Government, then suddenly the young journalism graduate from Baghdad University opposed to the declaration. This has captured fire to protest against the American Army's presence in Iraq. People from all Arabian countries are supporting the protest and it has come up when everybody in the Arabian world is looking for a reason to get unite. The Arabian country which is generally much divided among themselves looked strongly united on this front. Following the shoes act the ignition towards protest against the American dominance in the Arab World.

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