Friday, December 26, 2008

Should India declare War on Pakistan ???

As the tension between the two countries are arising and both the neighbouring countries relaxing their war muscles, the question remains unanswered ; whether India declare war on Pakistan or not ? Aftermath 9/11 the Us army made its presence in Pakistan to fight Taliban and is fighting against it. On Iraq's case too the US Army men has invaded Iraq and have destroyed the country. But aftermath 26/11 in Mumbai issue should India take similar action ? lets just discuss the issue in details to find out the pros & cons in case war is declared between the two countries.
Now the case is that India has proved that the people behind the Mumbai attacks were from Pakistan and now a third party Agency(FBI) too has found the root cause of the attack and they found the accused were Pakistani Nationals and moreover the attack was a well planned one by the laskar-e-tayeba & the ISI with the help of the Pakistani army. Now what India wants is that Pakistan must take action against those who are behind the attacks and if Pakistan is not wiling to take action and not capable to take action then India will surely take the honour to do that. This is from the beginning what is Indian Government is demanding. Now take the case of the Pakistani reaction to the same.
  • First the Pakistani govt did not accept the reason and denied any connection but Later when the lone captured terrorist disclosed its intention and people behind the attack the Pakistani government is relaxing on the citizenship of the terrorist.
  • Amid International pressure and the unveiling of facts related to the attack the Pakistani prime minister & president are contradicting their comments on the whole issue.
  • When the ex prime minister Nawaz Sharif when accepting the case that the caught terrorist is from Pakistan then the govt is not accepting. When the whole world is accepting that the terrorist camps are there in the Pak Occupied Kashmir then the Pakistani Govt is under tremendous pressure from the International Community is fumbling around.
  • Amid the the contradicting comments from the Pakistani Govt now in a mood the divert the international attention towards a war situation whereas the Indian government seems in no mood of a war.
  • In a forward action to pre war conditions the Pakistani army has been moved to the indian border along with the paramilitary forces normally on border duty. This is going to be a condition where as the Pakistani Govt will be getting a reason to divert the international attention from Terrorism to the war front against India.Secondly the 8000 odd army men deployed on the Durand line bordering with Afghanistan will get an excuse to be moved to the Indian side in Pakistan. This Will put The Us in odd situation wherein the places wherein its forces are fighting the Taliban will be bound to go home and apparently the Pakistani army will get rid of the US army under whose pressure it fights the Taliban.
  • The recent news says another huge embracement for teh pakistani govt which claimed that Indians were there behind the Lahore attack and had caught the 4 people. Apparently a protaliban group has taken the responsibility for the lahore attacks. How cheap and mean action is this by the pakistani Gavt. Oh god save these morons.
  • finally if a war declared then it will be a great pressure on the indian economy which is going under a bad phase in the recession phase. But this is for sure that the already bankrupt,Pakistan will be no more in the world map and the Indian forces will be responsible for that.

Anyway amid tension raising across the border and the army movement increasing day by day the Indian forces are ready to take any challenge put in front it.Last Saturday the Defence minister took a meeting to measure the preparations in case a war is declare with the three chiefs and the national security advisor. The Indians are ready to go on with any orders. Reports say that the Indian Air force need less then two hrs' time to strike any point in Pakistan and can reply any action taken against its will.

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