Tuesday, July 22, 2008

People around me-7(Bada Mama)

the most electrifying personality i have ever been in touch with… I have witnessed his movements from his early days in college days where he was a Soccer Icon around the local Soccer club in Berhampur. The club he played for ” the barracks” remembers him as a stylish forward and a lead scorer of his times. I remember the days when he was elected for the university team and travelled n number of place to play his favorite game and the worlds most favoured game: the game of Football. He looked elegant when he wore the no 10 Jersey and his movements in the field was an excitement factor at that time. I too loved his game and the way he played. Even-though he had an good name and fame in his name in the region he was not so good at national level. But his nomination for the state team brought him this glory and pride. It was is peak time when he played some spectacular soccer and was able create a chaos in the club level football. His love for the game and his love for the living legend;the soccer god ( Maradona) and his looks (short height with curly hair like his idol)had created a special place in people’s mind. As a human being i have witnessed him being a very loyal and responsible person. Heis a kind of man who will ge out of the box to help somebody, who has nothing to do with him. He is a family man and whenever somebody has asked him for help he was there with his 100% output and commitment.A highly qualified ( M.com, LLB) Bada mama was and will remain an ideal person to follow…

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