Friday, July 18, 2008

People around me-2 (Maa bhairabi)

Maa bhairabi the only goddess who provides me great shelter, who had allowed me to have a glance of her and i am greatful to her form my first breath till i am alive. Ekapad bhairabi, situated deep in my heart and with thousands of rays of hope and inspiration blesses me richly every morning and i feel her blessings every moment I live. She had brought me from scrap to the present day and have been by my side whenever i needed her blessings and she has always answered my prayers. My day stars with her prayers , continues with her blessings and ends with her blessings and she rules my dreams and my thoughts… though she is in Mantridi with in an heavenly built holiest Mandir she lives in my heart and makes me proud and the happiest man in the world. Everywhere i go and everything i think she accompanies me with her motherhood and makes me happer then and ther… I cant even thank her for what she is for supreme guide,my dear mother goddess and the great almighty jagatjanani maa ekapada bhairabi…

Namaste namste maago sreesiddha bhairabi
Patita pabani maago parama vaishnavi
Namaste ambika maago aparna parvati
annapurna adimata namo adishakti !!!

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