Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In search of a Dream

I have ever wanted and wondered to be a famous man ever and to do something for the general man in my area or country. But with the limited resources and the lack of planning in me has landed me at nowhere. Couple of years ago when i was a fresh executive in a private company ( Still i am a sr Exe in private company) I tried to get myself associated with the NGO's and to do some kind of social work. I looked for a good NGO on Internet and found couple of names but their authentication was a big question for me. After a little research on the Internet I was disappointed and an article on the NGO's and their work schedule i felt ashamed and disheartened. Anyway this has not been able to diminish my willpower and my intention towards the service to poor come down. this in turn has boosted me to have a strong foundation to perform some thing in this regard. Anyway I am ready to do anything for the general public but for that i need to have a full proof idea and the action plan for it. I am lacking in terms of dreams and future plans. What I am planning to do might be something among the following options
  • A Well equiped hospital in my place or any place where the medical facilities are not easily available.
  • A boarding place for the orphans ( With fooding easily available).
  • Even I plan to adopt a orphan.
  • A ready made and easily availability of Cremation arrangements for the general public.

In my personal life I have some of the best plans for my career and life but for this noble reason to serve the humanity i am feeling lack of dreams. There can be n number of different ideas where i can do something for the people but I am lacking in dreaming of these noble ideas. Will you please help me out in finding a noble cause and to serve the general public...

Please put your precious comments as much as you can.

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