Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama Vs Osama

Now all eyes are set on Mr.Obama, the new president of the states. Within a week of joining white house Mr.PResident has ordered air strikes in Pakistan Afghan boarder which has caused a great concern for Pakistan in the International community. Amid speculations about the next course of action from the white house, these air strikes are the answer. on 27th Jan in a very planned way the president ave his first Interview to an arab tv channel to a measured set of questions. in this interview the president addressed the Muslim community in the world and assured them not to grow up an anti American agenda in their mind and through this he tried to connect to the Muslims across the world. Secondly he urged for mutual respect and friendship with all the problem areas where Muslims are involved. To the extremists it was a warning for the extreme elements in afganistan,pakistan or in Iran as the president sent a clear message to fasten the activities against defeating them. It is speculated that the Us is looking for the evidence of terror fronts in Pakistan & Afghanistan and once the same is decided and it gets clear evidence, the epicenter for terrorism will no longer exist. Its expected that the President will keep his word to withdraw forces from Iraq as he said in his sworn in ceremony, and the forces in Afghanistan & Pakistan Will be increased to combat a decisive fight against Taliban & the Al quaida forces. in the western front of Pakistan & Afghanistan border. This will strengthen the Us & NATO forces in Pakistan to fight against terrorism. In other front the Us cut its financial aid to Pakistan saying that the funds are not directed to the right direction to fight terrorism. Pakistan is the worst hit state as it has to face the US red hand and the extremists like the Taliban which in turn being very fiery these days. Now all eyes are set on the next moves of the president who has created a great impact on the international community. During this the president called the Indian president & wished him good health & to a message to the Indian people & Government that there is no best friend to India as the Us.

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