Thursday, January 15, 2009

Business ties for terrorism

Amid Indian Offering Of Evidence & Pakistani denial, the worst of the decision has come out from the Indian Government. Yesterday the foreign minister Mr.P. Chidambaram told the press that if Pakistan is not acting on the evidence given to it on the 26/11 event in Mumbai, it may cease the Business ties with Pakistan. Business ties with Pakistan, means not only the worst disaster to the Pakistani economy but the final stage to dismantle the Pakistani public & in turn putting pressure on Pakistani Government. Amid raising the diplomatic pressure on Pakistan,yesterday the Britain Foreign minister stood strongly against Pakistan. But the Pakistani govt representatives are not refraining themselves from giving contradictory speeches in public. If India breaks Business relation with Pakistan then the Pakistani Public will be the worst sufferer and that will be a decisive phase of the tension between the two countries. To take a look over the business ties between the two countries ; India exports around 2000 commodities to Pakistan wherein Pakistan Exports around 20 items to India. Pakistan depends on India in terms of every household items and India depends on Pakistan for a lesser quantity of Rice,Sugar & few other materials. Earlier during the parliament attack India had road & rail boycott which had a great impact on the business & people of the neighbouring countries. Now if the Business ties goes off then the harsh effect would be on the people of Pakistan & mostly on the neighbouring states in the two countries. But if this is the way to nail down Pakistan then, we are ready to do that too. But this time we the Indian people & government seems determined to strike hard on terrorism.

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