Saturday, January 03, 2009

Technological disadvantage

the year 2008 will be remembered as a black year as Mumbai and the Indian subcontinent has witnessed the worst face of terror. We could better handle the situation if the Information technology was not so developed. But the developed technology has opened up a very critical and dirty possibilities to terrorism. It was earlier confined to the high tech world but the increasing access to the Internet and the unexpected development on Computer technology and Internet has created an alarming situation. Earlier it was seen that Bin Laden releasing a video on an Arab TV channel and the American and the rest of the world was then were looking for the possible hide outs. But the use of Internet and its limited security system has given a good space for hide out for the terrorist outfits. Now what what all they need to have are a computer (which is a laptop used these days), an Internet Connection (Internet modems/data cards are readily available). Then what all you require is to compose and click the send button. The same tool has been used to spread terror in many cases in recent terror attacks in India last year. Again the use of satellite phones by the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks has created a red alert for the entire world and with this you can imagine how unsafe information technology can be... Someone has rightly said " Knowledge used in right way can lead to heaven & wrongly used will get you hell"...

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