Monday, January 12, 2009

Inhibiting the upcoming Changes

As a part of the expected change process, yesterday i changed my accommodation. It was a tough decision but as it has to the someday, I made it yesterday... I got everything set yesterday itself but till not got the right place to put Ganesha but tomorrow I will put him on the right place. The first night was a much tensed one as its the terrible cold which caught both brothers and we were looking ways to get rid of the same. Even though we were much satisfied with the accommodation my unconscious mind was much worried. I managed to get a good sleep and expect a healthy and lucky stay in the said accommodation for long. amen...

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Samajh jata hun teri khamoshi magar..

Samajh leta hun main  khamoshi teri magar , Rok lun chahat ko apni ye bhi tujhse suna hai.