Friday, January 09, 2009

the aftermaths of 26/11

More than a month has passed on the brutal 26/11 act and to have a look of the action aftermath I hardly notice any change in our attitude towards terrorism। Neither the government id doing substantial nor the people। In a speedy and eye catching action to the attack government has build up the NIA ( National Investigating Agency) which is still not a fully functional nor it has a functional or structural identity. There is no contingency plan yet and no emergency action plan for more such attacks. Our Government has taken up the issue and have indulged in gathering & providing the evidence to the Pakistani Official and the government is naming this as a diplomatic war against Pakistan. In turn the so called Pakistani authorities are trying to get over the allegations and are busy in making contradictory statements. Neither the prime minister nor the president is clear what to say in a public or press conference. Amid pressure from the international community Pakistan has finally agreed that the lone caught terrorist is a Pakistani national and for India its a good achievement.But what next ... are we waiting for more of such attacks or are we going to take on the final attack on terror ? The question still becomes unanswered when the Pakistani Government will take action against the terrorist camps there in its soil. May be we have won the diplomatic game wherein we have succeeded in making the international community believe that Pakistan was behind the 26/11 attack,but this is not enough. what we want is a crack down action against the terrorist camps anywhere in the world and a strong mechanism in terms of internal security,an officiant investigating agency & the best spying troop to combat any such plannings in future. The parliament election is scheduled to happen in Feb this year and for the UPA govt led by the congress it is going to be tough to answer the public on topics related to terrorism and the rising inflation. It may be the reason for the UPA govt to take reactive action but this is not enough. We need Pakistan be isolated in terms of international aid,isolation in terms of bilateral issues in trade & business & if needed a decisive war to end up any issue. Then only we can feel ourself safe & Independent in true terms...

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