Tuesday, January 13, 2009

its the second day at my new Accomodation…

The same thing happened to me today as well. AS this is the first time I am not with my friends anymore while changing my accommodation , I am feeling somewhat lonely these days. Even though my brother is there with me I am feeling somewhat worried. May be its because of my isolation, but the period is much stressed out and I am feeling the tense.Its the severe cold which is taking the undue advantage of the same as a result of which I am not well today and running temperature. Amid a tensed condition Baba, is in Hyderabad these days for a routine medical check up for his heart problem.He got the same checked up on Monday and is waiting to board the train to Berhampur tomorrow.They will be reaching hometown, Berhampur the day after tomorrow at around 11 am. They are too worried for something but we hope the almighty will bring peace to every life very soon.Tomorrow we have an off on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. We have th efull day and I plan to matterialize the day with setting the Idols in Place in My new Accomodation with due cultural attire & get the first puja done tomorrow. Thereafter we plan to go for Fatehpuri to see Lord Shani and offer puja tohim.After that we will move to cannaught palace and offer puja to Lord Hanuman.Thereafter we will be back to place.

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