Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The upcoming Client Audit

these days the client audit is going to happen in my company and everybody from the manager to the it admin is busy in compiling & segregating data. This is for the first time we are having such an audit and we all are set to make it a success. This will certify our process and will define our services in the industry. Being in hr, i am too much worried about the audit and many a things related to that. This is the first time i got a glimpse of the strategic hr things and I liked it. But the same is more critical then the front end Hr things. from data feeding to the new policy making i found the only thing that counts is experience and nothing else.Anyway this will give us a standardization and the basic norms will be all set for the process. Everybody is putting his best foot forward to put the first impression. Again there are many a loopholes in the process which will be raised up buy the client and we are all set to implement the inputs given by the client for the betterment of the process and the overall organization. Lets hope for the best results

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