Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24th feb 09

After a week long off I am back in Office and everything was as usual except a few changes. Got the news that somebody is moving away forever and somebody is ready to blame me for the same. Anyway this is a mind set wherein I am not been able to think so much. I am just letting things happen as its coming to me and the best what i can offer it at that point of time.I don't know if this is right or wrong but the way I am taking life, is not at all satisfactory to my willingness. It may seem that I am happy and healthy as ever but there might be something else in real life. I am not getting any taste in life and day by day it seems I am a burden on life but what to do, I cant do anything. the masala in life is missing. I am trying my level best to create interest in life but hardly getting any success. I don't know which way i am going, whether its right or wrong but I am just rolling the time. Hope to have good times back again.

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