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the american scholl with an Obama teacher

Yesterday a video clip was shown on one of the news channels where the President of the States was addressing the US senate with both the party members present. It was such a bigger platform for the American president to address the key issues in the country.
  • Education In US
  • Financial Crisis
  • Terrorism
Starting his speech Mr. President addressed the senate, the first lady of the US, the president and he continued. A little girl was seen besides the first lady and everybody noticed her and with question in mind they all waited till the President narrated the story behind the girl. The president looked concerned about the Education system of the country. First he narrated that the girl is a high school student whose school in placed near to a railway line. The ceiling of her school is licking and classes were paused several times a day while the train was passing by the school. When the girl asked for a remedial action she was asked to leave the school as the school authority found no solution to the persisting problem. But the brave girl took an initiative to write a letter to the senate and even she borrowed money form the school principal for the tickets of the letter. As a result of which she was asked by the president to attend the senate meet and the president addressed the country the issue of Education. After a report revealing that the number of drop outs from high school is increasing tremendously, the president seemed worried. In his speech he urged the American public not to quit school and go for a graduation. He urged the public to encourage their children for education as the country is in need of educated and responsible citizens. Assuming that the cost of education as a reason he announced that parents will be getting a fixed sum for at least three years.
Speaking on the ongoing recession the president mentioned about the bail out package which is aimed to create job opportunities in the country. Going further yesterday he announced that those companies who outsource their work, out of the US, won't be getting the tax cut. This being a prime concern may impact the share market as well. But the Obama administration looked confident and determinant to take steps to combat the on going financial conditions. This will directly affect the Indian job market as 40% of the total outsourcing companies in US, find India as the best place to invest.
Finally Mr. President announced that he is going to put an end to the ongoing war against the terrorist in Afghanistan & Iraq where the NATO & Us forces are fighting the terrorists for years. Describing terrorism as the biggest threat to the world community and Pakistan as Heaven for terrorists, the Obama administration seemed to carry on the responsibility to fight terrorism.


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