Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nainital 2008

People were much excited to be a part of the annual tour which was scheduled long back in 2008। As usual it was a two day visit to the highest lake in India, the naini lake in nainital ( Himachal Pradesh). It was all a company sponsored Annual tour like every year. in 2006 we had been to Shimla, 2007 we witnessed Manali and this year its Nainital. We had booked the Purani Haveli where many Bollywood movies in the 1980's were shooted and to tell you it was an awesome experience for all of us for being there. We started on 30th Sep night in luxury Bus from our office in gurgaon. We all were 32 people including wives and husbands of few of the employees. After we finished our second shift we boarded the bus after we clicked few group photos to cherish the moment. The initial count was on on the bus to kick off the journey. Our Bus started towards our destination around 10.30 pm in the night for a long 11 hr journey. On the way to Nainital we had our dinner at 12.20 am night in Moradabad and started again. The whole journey i was jokes, music and mischiefs going on through out the journey with sips of soft and hard drinks. When the morning light made us wake up it was the spectacular natural beauty of the mountains were all around us. We were refreshed and recharged by the calm and cool climate of the hilly state of Northern India. We stopped the bus and had our morning tea and headed towards the hotel. We reached the hotel at around 7.00 am and were fitted to the rooms. We then had our breakfast and headed for boating. Then in the evening we went to the mall road and late in the evening we had a born fire and were enjoying the company,the weather,the moment till midnight. The next day we went to the china baba mandir 4 kilometers on the rock. It was a great experience. Everybody was enjoying and it was all a great memorable experience for all of us. Here are few of the snaps ...

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