Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the verge of year 2008

The year end has come and as usual I am looking for something to change. This time too I have got couple of options to choose from but I am not looking forward to compromise on any front. So waiting patiently for the right opportunity. the year 2008 has been so far a good one for me as its the year which got me a promotion in the present company and its the first company where i have stayed so long. I completed my 2 years in this company last month and it was a good experience for me as well. The year 2008 got my father retired from his services and a relaxed mindset for him.In fact it has come at the right time where his health is not permitting he is well out of his services. the year 2008 got my mother survive a serious health disorder but by the grace of god everything is fine now. Behind all i was a worried man altogether with issues prompting with worries and disappointment. But yea in deed it gave me an opportunity to jump on but i decided the best way to be here in the preesent company only. Again now am searching for and getting good options to choose from. I am in hope to change this time and to look for a better paying opportunity tohang on for the next two years. Hope everything will go in my favour.

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  1. Ur blog is very nice...


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