Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cricket in trouble

Shockingly the bastards have struck again and its the Lankan cricket team in Pakistan this time. it was the Second day of the ongoing Srilanka - Pakistan series in Gadaffi Stadium in Central Lahore. The players were being taken to the stadium in a bus when the armed gunmen surrounded the bus and started firing. The eyewitnesses said that they were heavily armed with Rocket launchers and AK-47. With a planned manner they were 10 men who came on auto rickshaw and fired randomly on the bus killing 5 policemen and injuring several players. The Pakistani authorities say that the attacks were similar to that of the 26/11 and condemned the terrorists for that. To every body's surprise the Pakistani government has not commented on it yet. The worst hit lankan team with 7 injured player (All of then out of danger) is taken to a safe place where they are waiting for their departure to Srilanka from a army base. The PCB chief has condemned the attack and expresses deep sorrow over the attack. Meanwhile the test has been declared draw and the tour has been called off. The Lankan Sports minister has expressed concern for the team's return to the country and have condemned the attack. Earlier to this tour Australian & Indian teams denied the visit to Pakistan basis the security reasons but Srilanka had dared to visit the terrorist country & have probably paid for this. Earlier to this test the srilankan officials had asked for extra security for the team in the stadium but after this everybody is concerned about the security reasons. BCCI had warned the Lankan team to avoid the tour but the PCB chief's assurance to the Lankan team had resulted the tour in the worst hit PCB. Prior to this Pakistan's political situation is in the bad time as well where the Sharif brothers has been banned for the electoral process and Lahore being the hub for Sharif's supporters something of this kind was expected. but this would hit Cricket it was ever expected and the Cricketing world is in trauma to handle this. Cricket was never a target in the continent but htis act will surely affect the international relationship between teams & countries.As a result no team will be ready to play in Pakistan nor in the continent as well. Now its time for the international community to declare Pakistan as a terrorist country and start acting accordingly. We Indians are the worst hit of terrorism and the world community must accept the reality and start acting else the day is not far that terrorism will be a worst nightmare...

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