Friday, March 13, 2009

General Elections 2009

When the general election is nearing, the turmoil in the political background is clearly in raising making it the centre stage for all actions. The ruling Congress led UPA government where is in a mode to declare & inaugurate n number of projects to show off the commitment to work. Everywhere the ruling party is throwing foundation stones and inaugurating new projects worth thousand crores. Many of these decisions are being taken in minutes of time where the ministers are signing deals without even knowing the aftermath results of the projects. From power plant to rail coach manufacturing units, from airports to new ayurvedic medicine outlets. from highways to esic medical colleges, from export packages to hike in DA of central govt employees, every decisions are being made in couple of minutes & thousand crores are being thrown in minutes. To his surprise the prime minister was astonished to hear the sudden cabinet meeting with the party high commission where around 40 projects were sanctioned in less than 40 minutes. What you call this a people centric government or a election or power centric government. Where the ruling party is busy in making foundation stones the opposition BJP is busy in making agenda to target the UPA govt. in many modes. BJP, the main party in opposition has many reasons to challenge the UPA govt. Ram mandir in ayodhya being the first priority for BJP, it has added many other agendas to target the congress or teh UPA govt this time. Whether its the terrorist attacks or the Inflation rate or the new political turmoil in Pakistan BJP has every reason to be chosen as the next ruling party. Led by its prime ministerial candidate Mr. Lal krishna Advani, the opposition BJP party can be the next option for the public. But no one can guarantee that BJP in going to come as a majority in the country for many reasons. Realising the same in advance BJP too has started making an alliance with Shiv sena in Maharastra but it was a great shock for the BJP whn the Naveen pattnaik led BJD has annouced its lay ff to BJP in Orissa. SO the path for the BJP is looking no catwalk.
Realizing this there is a third front is coming in picture with the left parties,the JD(S),TDP,AIADMK,TRS led by teh former Prime minister who has a pet one liner as " history has a habit to repeats itself".
Third front may be an option to keep congress & BJP out of power, but it cannot for a government as the numbers are not so big but yeas they will play a vital role in forming a government when it comes to negotiation table and thus making the elections an interesting one. With the Model code of conduct is in action and less then 40 days for the first term of the poll the parties are preparing their best foot for the run. Lets just vote and witness the funniest action in the world's largest democracy.

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