Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amma's back in power in Tamil Nadu...

The day before yesterday Amma ( j jayalalitha) along with 33 ministers from her party (AIADMK) took charge of the government. Where She was sworn in as new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu her list of 33 minsters too took oath to seat different ministries. with stupendous performance in the recently held Tamil Nadu state assembly elections. with a clear majority and verdict to rule the state Jaya stormed into power for the third term. in a marvellous ceremony in the Madras university she took oath along with her ministry of 33 ministers. where she kept police and home ministry with her, this is the most numbered ministers in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Before the ceremony could take place the controversy on the newly built state assembly( worth 1200 crore) was abandoned by Jayalalitha and declared that the old st. fort will be her next office & office to her ministry too. Earlier the DMK without seeking remarks from other parties had built a state of art secretariat spending huge 1200 crore rupees of the tax payers. Jaya had opposed the building then and had said that she wont step in the building as the shape and the purpose of the building said not interests her. hence before the event the old secretariat was given a wash & a fresh coat of oil paint and made ready for the j-day.

in the second move she made a good reshuffle in the top cop level & appointed people of her rust and calibre. She appointed JK Tripathy as the cit police commissoner ( Tripathy is a PM awarded for his innovative Practice whilehe was posted in Trichy). Secondly the new chief Secretary Debendranatha Sarangi ( Replacing S. Malathi).

The thing to notice was the presence of Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi & ex Cm of andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu. After the sworn in ceremony Jaya said her govt's present motto is to give a corruption free governance and people will witness Tamil Nadu the number one state in the country.

The parties that made an allince with DMK in the Elections the ADMK headed by actor turned politician Vijaykanth kept his party out of power and declared support from outside. It created a spur in the AIADMK camp whether to invite ADMK to power or not but Jaya did not ask ADMK to be a part in power but instead managed to get his support from outside.

The very Next day she kept her election promised and signed the relevant documents to announce few lucrative offers for the general people.
  • Free 35 kilo rice to the BPL families
  • Free 20 kilo rice to the ration card holders
  • Rs 25000 & 4 gram gold for marriage assistance to the poor girls.
  • Rs 50000 & 4 gram gold for marriage assistance to the poor girls with Diploma/graduation.
  • Free laptops to class 11 students
  • few others are there
when the general people are happy for the offerings there are quite a speculations on her next move.

Council of Ministers
  1. Selvi J Jayalalithaa Chief Minister
  2. Thiru O. Panneerselvam Minister for Finance
  3. Thiru K.A. Sengottaiyan Minister for Agriculture
  4. Thiru. Natham R. Viswanathan Minister for Electricity and Prohibition and Excise
  5. Thiru K.P. Munusamy Minister for Municipal Administration and Rural Development
  6. Thiru C. Shanmugavelu Minister for Industries
  7. Thiru R. Vaithilingam Minister for Housing and Urban Development
  8. Thiru Agri S.S Krishnamoorthy Minister for Food
  9. Thiru C. Karuppasamy Minister for Animal Husbandry
  10. Thiru P Palaniappan Minister for Higher Education
  11. Thiru C.Ve Shanumgam Minister for School Education
  12. Sellur K Raju Minister for Cooperation
  13. Thiru K.T Pachamal Minister for Forests
  14. Thiru Edappadi K Palanisamy Minister for Highways & Minor Ports
  15. Thiru S.P Shanmuganathan Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments
  16. Thiru K.V Ramalingam Minister for Public Works
  17. Thiru S.P Velumani Minister for Special Programme Implementation
  18. Thiru T.K.M Chinnayya Minister for Backward Classes
  19. Thiru M.C Sampath Minister for Rural Industries
  20. Thiru P. Thangamani Minister for Revenue
  21. Thiru G. Senthamizhan Minister for Information Tmt S Gokula
  22. Indira Minister for Commercial Taxes and Registration
  23. Tmt Selvi Ramajayam Minister for Social Welfare
  24. Thiru B.V Ramanaa Minister for Hand looms and Textiles
  25. Thiru R.B Udhayakumar Minister for Information Technology
  26. Thiru N Subramanian Minister for Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare
  27. Thiru V Senthil Balaji Minister for Transport
  28. Thiru N Mariyam Pichai Minister for Environment
  29. Thiru K.A Jayapal Minister for Fisheries
  30. Thiru E. Subaya Minister for Law, Courts and Prisons
  31. Thiru Budhichandhiran Minister for Tourism
  32. Thiru S.T Chellapandian Minister for Labour
  33. Dr. V.S Vijay Minister for Health
  34. Thiru N.R Sivapathi Minister for Sports and Youth Welfare
The DMK otherwise are mulling to the loss and blaming the 2G spectrum to be the reason and opting to seat the opposition. Finally justice has been done by throwing out the corrupt DMK out of power. But a question arises what next ? Will jaya be able to give a corrupt free and sound goveranance to TN. Many questions to be answered...

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