Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FIFA World cup 2010.(SA)

The biggest show in the FIFA soccer world cup is on display in the south African continent and I feel sorry to write late on the biggest event for which I had to wait for years to come. With a colorful display in the inoguration day addressing the audience the President of South Africa dedeicated the tournament to the millions of soccer lovers wherein the absence of Nelson Mandela was felt among the audience as well. But Mr.Mandela, who was in mourning for the sad demise of his great grand daughter sent the message that " the game must beging & everybody should enjoy it". Sources say that the game will be a factor that will give the South African GDP a growth of 0.5% and the continent will be highly benefitted out of it. With people across the globe visitign the island nation to witness the action the hospitality & service industry will benefit the most. Elaborate arrangement has been made for the security & happy going of the tournament as well. Huge amounts have been put on stake from players security to building infrastructure, from television rights to live matches,from winning prize money to advertisements everywhere money is floating and everybody is eyeing at the happy going of the intelligent game of football. We too with folded hands in front of the Television sets welcome the game begin & go on on full swing.
People who know soccer closely having eyes on their favorite team how can I deny mine ; I am always eyeing my favorite country in the game of football & my all time favorite team was, is & will be Argentina,the home to the soccer God ( Diego Armando Maradona). Now whenever we say that we have won the match you must consider that Argentina had a win. We have won the first match against Nigeria and ow aiming to tame the Koreans.

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