Tuesday, January 05, 2010

“जहापनाह तुस्सि ग्रेत हो तोह्फा कबुल हो …”

This Sunday, with Nitu, i watched the film “3 Idiots” and i liked it. I have not read the book by Chetan Bhagat but the way the script is presented before the audiences was worth watching. From pranks in college to the message passed to the society was very good. in one case the film is giving a good message and trying the break the ice and make it a concrete mindset in the older generation which is imposing their dreams on the next generation and hence challenging the traditional idea on inheriting professions and regulating the younger generations. The way the message was passed on was very nice and kudos to the writer and if its Chetan Bhagat then hats off to him. The message, apart from the one mentioned above was to influence the youth to choose before they go on fighting with life. Rather than parents deciding their children’s fate the focus was made on to choosing careers of interest and pursuing excellence in every area. The picturization is too good. My good wishes are there with Mr.Chopra. Aamir being a veteran in action is unmatchable in the industry now. Many congratulations to him as well.

The bad thing about this film is in Media these days as there is a controversy going on between Mr.Chetan & Mr.Chopra. Chetan is claiming that it’s his book “five point Someone” which is in action with Aamir and the other party is denying about the same. I have not read the book but the question is that why Mr.Chetan is worried and what is the issue now. In one way if Chetan is sauig that he has nothing to say against the producers then why panicky and if you are bothered then sue the other party rather than making noise. How many were aware of his book before the release of the book but this is the film that has reached the general public and the message is really reaching the general public. If the idiots team has done that then why to get on to war with them? just give them a standing gesture, that’s it. and yes if you think they have done something Wrong with you then go the courts and sui them. its simple. I hope i am more simple & clear in getting you my message.

And the worst thing that happened was yesterday when 2 children were found dead in school toilets. The schol authorities said that last year one of the two deceased child was failed in his examnination and was running under pressure where the second too was a similar case. This is a bigger concern where the films and any other element is affecting adversely on the society. My humble request to the sosiety to take up all the positive things and keep away the nasty things. In another news 5 medical students were found guilty in ragging junior students in the way “जहापनाह तुस्सि ग्रेत हो तोह्फा कबुल हो …” and were penalized. A committee has been made to review the film and to suggest steps to remove certain scenes but it’s too late as we have already lost two children.

The film is good and we should take ample good things in it & not the bad ones.

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