Thursday, January 14, 2010

14th Jan 2010

Now its time for a change and the transition needs a greater focus to make life more complicated. Many things need to be changed , need to be managed and i am at a condition wherein i am loosing my concentration. And when i loose concentration it may be because of few things like either my work is not aimed towards the right direction and ultimately making me frustrated or people around me are not reacting properly. But i hope things are in shape and being as natural or somewhat in line and i am not at all frustrated now & never i would be. iI am just keeping my cool and expecting things to settle down smoothly. There could be temporary distress that is making me restless but i am sure if right efforts are put then results are there for sure.the same is happening to me as well. i am just trying to make optimum utilization of the resources. There are many things running in my mind and i am little busy in placing them at the right place. I am sure things will be normal very soon.

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