Saturday, November 13, 2010

Science of being Happy

I know I am not a psychiatrist but I know the interim feelings of human psychology। Many a times it happens that people don’t care about others feelings and they do the same one or the other reason and many a times they don’t know what they are doing and the result always becomes a disaster in human relations। Please don’t misunderstand me as I am a married guy now and this is not at all the regular family fights। Our thoughts have become so narrow minded that in the tune to earn little joy in our heart we destroy the second persons feelings leading to creates distance which takes much longer period of time to vanish। It may take some time to get that healing done but has not it made your life smaller with the time you spend in resolving issues। Anyway there are people who are still not ready to accept that life is there to live & not to resolve issues। Anyway let people come out of darkness and let there be light…

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