Sunday, November 14, 2010

Professional Etiquettes

Yesterday I got a call from our Chennai Service centre and the manager was in different mood to ask the manpower requirements from his locations but the tone and the pitch of the manager’s voice was different from his natural way of communication and I was little shocked to listen to the selection of word in the conversation by the manager. Before to that the, manager was well behaved and was in my list of well managed and well carried out manager’s list. But I managed and maintained my line of communication in the call. After i finished the call Ram sir came back to his seat along with his boss (both of them sit besides my bay in the office) and he told me shouting on anybody provides no solution to an issue and he seemed much disappointed. I, then got an intuition that they both were in the same call and I asked him that were they in the con-call and the answer was a big “yes” and for few seconds I was disappointed that the call was witnessed by the entire pan India location managers. And being an Hr professional I felt bad for the manager and the image was rotten among all the managers in RIL. The big boss too said that the manager has bad reputation about the location manager and the other manager said that the manpower crisis in his location is because of the bad behavior and the ill selection words in the work place by the manager and many more comments like that one followed for the manager and the 7 year experienced manager’s was ruined in minutes. The manager himself is unaware of the damage he faced but being an Hr professional I felt very bad. I felt bad not because of the manager’s reaction on me but on the lack of communication in the manager. The manager has 7 years of experience in his own functional area and he is has fair record in his career too but I what I felt was the importance of corporate communication rather than the human behavior. The word corporate communication is much important when you are in a managerial position and there are a group of people who are there to follow you. I have always put much importance to communication skills and in corporate culture you are demarcated in the way you communicate and it really makes a big difference. Anyway I feel that apart from telephone etiquettes and e mail etiquettes we need to have a good choice of words in the corporate communication and I am sure apart from our regular functional area the communication will surely add up to success in anybody’s career. So better your communication, better a person and better a career yours, what you say ?

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