Friday, September 30, 2011

Issues & the 2G drama

  • Horrible earthquake in Manipur leaving thousands homeless & hundreds dead or missing
  • Bomb blast in front of Delhi high court leaving the home ministry with no clues & a complete intelligence failure
  • Flood in Odisha with thousand hector crop waste
  • Everlasting ambush in J&K
  • Heavy rains at many parts of the country
  • Raise in fuel price petrol price ( Rs 70/ltr)
  • Raise in REPO rate by RBI
But the government does not seem to have tackled any of the above issue significantly. Instead the elegant ministers are engaged in catfight among them selves in relation to the 2G note. And what a drama that ashamed the entire country for the past 3-4 days. Dada accusing Chidu of not taking action to prevent the scam & in reply chidu like a wild child denied to speak on the issue without speaking to the MMS & MMS was busy in an international conference giving words of wisdom with caution to both chidu & dada. In due course chidu even offered to resign to 10 janpath who is back from a surgery. Finally MMS is back accusing the opposition of conspiring of fresh election & took both the wild children to 10 Janpath to create a show to convince the media & saved the govt….it just looked as a family drama to me. But its not any child’s play bosses, its thousand crore of public money that has been looted & you have to give us the answer. But one thing is for sure that the next election people are going to do justice and this time my friend just get ready to vote in huge numbers & outcast everybody who is corrupt & incapable of performing his duty….

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