Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Terrorism & Indian Judiciary System

Yet another bomb got off at 10.17 this morning outside the Delhi High Court gate number 5 & left 11 dead and 60 odd injured. This is the second blast after the first went on 25th May in the capital city but as usual the home minister called it a terrorist attack & expressed its inability to get any clues for the same. But after 5 hours of the blast occurred Huji, a terrorist group took the claim and its the general public who witnessed the blast gave the intelligence people the sketch of the people who planted the bomb there. Here a serious question arraises ; how serious & focused is the govt & the intelligence in our country about the safely of the citizens. In turn the Huji cowards just warned the govt of releasing the Md Afzal Guru the mastermind of another blast in the country else to face more of such attacks. Is our got sleeping with @g,3G money till another blast occurs and once the next blast is done then the security agencies & the inefficient ministers start releasing rubbish statements & promise security to the countrymen. When the all the ministries have lost their credibility for what the puppet PM Singh is still holding office ? 
     Once it happens that a TN assembly passes amendment & asks for a life imprisonment of 3 death awards against the will of the President of India. And J&K assembly argues for a similar action against the man accused of killing innocent people. Who is working , the judiciary, the ministry , the security & intelligence agencies or the terrorists...the obvious answer is the terrorists....I dont know where  we are heading and what will happen to the country. The govt has to have a timely solution and action to each action before its too late.

Where India is said to be the largest democracy & a economic superpower, than theses happenings is a question on the credibility of the government. When we focus on 8.1 % GDP growth in the next FY we must keep price rise under control & to be the largest democracy we must maintain India to be a safe place & these attacks & a lengthy judiciary process delaying punishing the accused must have to be changed & people behind all these attacks have to prosecuted to pass a strong message to all extremists.Its high time to tolerate & keep mum. its time now to execute the death sentences and bring positive changes in the constitution & set stronger laws to clear ways for a faster judiciary followed by immediate action as per decisions. Will the govt act now & answer the questions raised by the common people ???      

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