Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love @ 50

While reading  an oriya website i just came across a n article which is worth sharing. This  is about an elderly  couple who are married for the last 54  years and how they have spent such years and happy. Wherein in these days couples complaint of the partner for  no reason  this  elderly couple can be treated as  a role model and can be followed.

For those who cannot read oriya let me tell you the gist of the story. Brajesh got married to Savitri 54 years back and Brajesh tells that he did'n't see Savitri before marriage as his father had arranged the marriage. He was a teacher for couple of years before he started his Business and there after he only earned money and wonders how the rest things happened to their children's education & all rest household work will now. He never purchased cloths even for himself and never bought ration for home but everything was in place and he reasons it to Savitri's dedication and continuous effort to put things in place.Brajesh now wonder how he has spent a half sentury with Savitri and awards the favour to Savitri.
Savitri share that she was not well educated and got her letter education from her husband and feels good to be with him forever. She shares that Brajesh has never gone alone to any tour and always needed her company n their tour to many countries and share a secret that even in the morning walk too Brajesh Needs her company.She feels proud as Brajesh does many social activities. Like other couples they too have conflicts but she shares that the same between them stands for hours only and they land up to make each other understand the situation and get together.

In days where the marital relation and extra marital relations are based on physical attraction and other earthly things, there lacks ample respect for each other, love for the partner and mostly the understanding & maturity level. Most of the accidents happen because of the lack of patience and utter restlessness. If couples can just look at Brajesh & Savitri to find reasons for their married life, i am sure a little can be changed...I congratulate Mr.& Mrs Brajesh & wish them a happy married life...

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