Saturday, July 02, 2011

Jagannath Ratha yatra or Ghosa yatra

Tomorrow its the holy rathyatra in Jagannatha puri... and with this the year long wait to see the "Chaturdha Murti" on the "ratha" is going to end. All the 3 "Raths" are ready and have reached Singhadwara and are awaitng for the moment when the lord will ride on them. 

I must tell you there are many restriction in the temple and non Hindus are not allowed to visit the  temple premises and even many foreigners( Convert Hindus) are not allowed to visit the temple. And this is because to maintain the austerity of the deities and the holiness. According to vedic norms no one except the pandits or pujaris' should touch the deities in any form in Hinduism. Even seeing the lord in odd hours too is not advisable. And Puri Jagannath being the soul of the jagannath culture, highest degree of strictness is observed. you might have heard of things like " destroying of the all 56 recipies because someone not allowed has touched the Prasadas in the temple" and things like Srimandir has been washed by holy water from the Ganges and other holy rivers. And all this is maintained because; yes the living lord stays there. but jagannath being devotees lord comes out of all the barriers to meet them during this Rathyatra. On Rathyatra the heavenly lords come out of the Sreemandir and rides the Rathas & visit Gundicha Mandira. I have seen the lord for twice only but that is enough for the lifetime. The hugely built lords are like the living beings. With their too big round eyes they just steal your nights sleep and the huge arms takes out all worries from you and the heavenly atmospehere will make you feel like your life's worth is justified.

Se Prabhu Mahaprabhu
Se Aakhi Chaka aakhi
Se Danda Bada danda
Se Prasada Mahaprasada
Se Dion Bada dion
Se Kshetra Sreekshetra...

Se aao kie nuhen se pratyeka odiara pranavayu pratyeka odiara antara aatma aur se jagatara natha Jaganntha...

Tomorrow Prabhu Jagannath will ride the Nandighosa Rata, Balabhadra his Taladhwaja ratha & maa Subhadra her Darpadalana Ratha & will go to Gundicha Mandira. The deities will be there for 9 days before they come back to Srimandira.

Jai jagannatha swamy Nayana pathagami bhava tu me

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