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Recruitment in Punjab National Bank.

Last Monday ( 11/04/2011), Punjab National Bank issued a recruitment notice for for 6428 single window operator vacant positions for which online registration has started. The Bank will recuit candidates for its various branches located all over India. Persons who are Indian National Citizens and having all the eligibility conditions according to the Punjab National Bank Advertisement may apply online only, after deposit the fee (Rs. 50 for SC/ST/PC/EXSM category candidates and for General and OBC category candidates Rs. 300). More Punjab National Bank Recruitment 2011 details are follows: Eligibility Criteria • Candidate must be a citizen of India • Age between : 20 – 25 years • Age Relaxation: SC/ST = 5 years, OBC: 3 years, PH-10 years, Kashmir division, J& domicile candidates: 5 years, EXS: 3 years, Widows, Divorced women & women judicially separated from their husbands & who are not remarried: 09 years, Children/family members of those who died in the 1984 riots; 03 years. • Minimum Educational Qualifications As on opening date of Registration i.e.11.04.2011: Graduate in any discipline with 50% marks OR equivalent qualification, and working knowledge of MS Office. Relaxation in Educational Qualifications for SC/ST/EXSM/PC Candidates: Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University, and working knowledge of MS Office. Selection procedure: Written Test and Personal Interview. Call Letter for Written Examination: The date of the Written Test is TENTATIVELY FIXED as 19.06.2011. However, it will be intimated in the Call Letter along with the Centre/Venue address for the Examination, well in advance of the date of the Written Examination Application fee :

  • SC/ST/PC/EXSM category candidates: 50

  • General/OBC category candidates: Rs. 300

How to Apply:

• All eligible and interested candidates should apply online at official bank’s website i.e. . Application registration on bank’s website will remain open from 11.04.2011 to 03.05.2011.

• The candidate should have a valid Email ID. This will enable him/her to receive call letter/ interview advice etc. by email.

• Candidates should keep a printout of the completed application for reference in future. There is a provision to modify the submitted online application. Candidates are requested to make use of this facility to correct the details in the online application if any. This modification facility shall be available after 2 days of registration and upto 05.05.2011. Modification will be allowed only 3 times. After 05.05.2011, no modification will be permitted.

So get set go young lads.


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