Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Accel Celebrates 20th anniversary...

16th April 2011, Chennai Trade centre, Chennai

It was the day 20 years before, a man of courage & determination walked out of his well paying & well established job to set up a company of his own. He had nothing more than 50000 in his hand but the only precious thing he had was a strong determination and zeal to go ahead & set up one of the India's most preferred IT service partner company. With a loan from a private player in Chennai the man started operating with few colleagues to find his way to success and today when we celebrate the 20th year celebration herein Chennai trade centre, the man himself seems to have the same determination and zeal to succeed and still feel the same hunger to get ahead in the industry. He is non other than Mr. NR Panicker

I remember when I first met Mr. Panicker in a quarterly meet in his conference room he focused on maintaining and sustaining in the business rather than early achievement and disappointment. This is well depicted in Accel’s journey of 20 year. What made him come so long (20 yrs) with his baby (Accel frontline) is according to him is the passion and the vision he had in his mind to make Accel a brand & a company with stability & a stable yet steady it service provider company in the country. Its said that the first 10 yrs in a company life cycle is considered as the early stages where the company struggles to get an identity and a position in the market, Accel did a good job in handling its clients, adverse market conditions and many other market & management factors but it remained unbeaten and now when we look back to Accel’s journey we feel proud to be a part of this company and cherish the same.

Accel celebrated its 20th birthday on 16th April 2011 with a big bang & took an jump on to see the next horizon & the next target.

I wish Accel all the best.

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