Monday, August 24, 2009

Prince's glory: Silk City dances with joy...

This is a saga of daily labourers who earned their bread & butter, who came with strong mind power with spectacular dancing skills and they stunned the world with their enchanting performance. Its the "Prince Group" of my own town, the silk city who has proved that poverty cannot stop their dancing shoes go dirty. This is on Saturday when the eminent dance troop form the east cost town of Berhampur own a reality show on a private channel ( Colors ) to win the 50 lac rupees & a Maruti Car.The troop whose most participants are daily labour to earn their daily food. This shows that there is plenty of talent in the areas where people are being neglected and if given proper amenities they can excel in various fields. On Saturday night the whole town of Berhampur was awake to watch their lads clinch the winning trophy and make them proud. Big screens were arranged at prominent places in the town to hoist the show and people including top shots in the govt officers witnessed the winning performance of the troop. The 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu was depicted in the performance which stole all hearts and won them the trophy. The players maximum of whom are daily labours were happy and little sentimental and were happy. The leader of the troop Mr.Krushna Reddy told that the prize money was a dire need of the troop as some needed it for building house or someones sister has to be married. Its just like a reincarnation for the neglected town and moreover the neglected group of people.

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