Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lunch @ Andhra Pradesh Bhavan

It was a dull Sunday when I with my younger brother tried to experiment something and being big foodies we tried to do it on our daily lunch on 16th Aug 2009. And where we could do it, any guess??? Andhra bhavan on the outskirt of cannaught palace hoisted us and the experience was really awesome. We started from our home at around 12pm and reached Andhra Bhavan at around 1.20pm. This was our first experience in the state owned caterer. Being Sunday we found a big crowd there. A mix crowd with most south Indians and few north Indians welcomed us with a chaos to get their hunger fed. What else I could see "a couple of Sardars" were among the waiting and few on the lunch table goodness i was surprised and i thought of this great race of people as somebody has rightly said that "you throw a sardar to the deepest sea on earth & he will climb up the himalayas on his own hard work". And i have well witnessed the said line and hats off to the sardars. Here as well how could the andhra bhavan escape. Anyway after standing in a long queue I managed to get two passes @ Rs 70/- each and waited for our turn. The systematic way and the smooth runningof the cafe was just amazing ane people seemed more civilized than any other resturant or cafe. There were around 300 people enjoying lunch & another 100 roaming around for their turn but everybody was cooperating and seemed happy. One guy was shouting the pertaining token numbers and allotting seats for lunch and suddenly our number came and we were asked to take a corner seat. In minutes a heavy thali with around 8 recipes were served us with papad & aachar. The food.....ah.. what a taste.After we finish our lunch we had "pans" and happily returned. Being a foodie who loves south Indian food we enjoyed the food and thanked the fellow waiters. for people like us who live away from home places like andhra bhavan are like the "aanand bazar" where out taste buds are satisfied. Frankly saying that was a great experience for us and I would recommend you all to have a taste of the food at a cost effective way. Its a family restaurant and you can accommodate your family members upto 3 generations ( grandpa till grand children) and have a southern taste & I must tell you you will love it. There in the premises you can find out more information about Tirupati Devasthanam wherein you can book hotel & travel tickets as well. So what are you waiting for ....

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