Monday, April 06, 2009

Cricket match ( 5th Apr 2009)

Yesterday it was a sunny morning at 6.30am when the following people reached India Gate and presented a spectacular display of the game of cricket. We played two matches with teams defined as under. In the first match Pramod Sir won the Toss and elected to bat first where the entire team played 9 overs in the 10 over match to score 68 runs. Nishant, Varun & Nagendra played some fabulous strokes. In the second innings following a score of 69 to win, Girish ,JATIN, Gaurav sir won the match for us.
In the second match winning the toss we made a good 71 runs with few good shots from Jatin & Girish. In the second innings following the score of 72 to win Pramod sir’s team lost few early wickets. The match was in full swing but due to some unavoidable reasons the match was abandoned & the daredevils were declared winners in the 2 match series as 1-0.

Delhi daredevils
1. Gaurav sir
2. Jatin
3. Nilendra
4. Rajeev
5. Nagendra
6. Barada
7. Priyakant
8. Girish

Haryana Hurricanes
1. Pramod Sir
2. Satish
3. Nishant
4. Tapan
5. Varun
6. Vivek
7. Antony

After the matches we had a snacks party with ice creams and marched around the INDIA GATE. At around 10.30 am yesterday we all disbursed with a promise to meet in the same venue next Sunday (12th Apr’09). You can have a look at the snaps & we are playing on the coming Sunday as well. We will be waiting for all of you to come & be a part of it.
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