Thursday, August 29, 2013

Migrating birds too have a destiny...

After a long 8 Months stay here in Chennai and fed up with the Home-office-Home schedule of mine, which has not much to explain, I went to visit my parents. My stay although was short enough to recharge, my mind took a relaxing turn and it proved to be enjoyable. I remember I first went out from My home to Delhi and the feeling after 11 long years has not changed a bit. I can see the same emotion & reaction the time while reaching or leaving my home. In a way this has been a way wherein emotions take a peak and of-course strengthens the bonding. Anyway I am back in Chennai now and on schedule.

Out of anxiety and disappointment many a times I think of the thousands of migrants like me who travel to different parts of the country or even out of the country in search of a living. First issue comes to my mind is why these migrants go out of their home to work & earn living. Can't they get the employment there in the same state or even in the same town and why only the Metros pull these crowd to pollute themselves. To blame I get the Infrastructure, unavailability of employment and moreover an environment to accommodate the high qualified younger generation and many other reasons. But what is the solution..... At major its the state government and central Government to focus on the territorial growth to maintain the equilibrium. I have witnessed ministers from regional parties when they get a mighty ministry in the centre do wonders in their home state and neglect others. For instance; from Lalu to Mamata all have made the railways connect their states with progress. and many other regional leaders to have contributed in the same fashion. But do we need regional parties or regional leaders to hold ministries in the centre to develop a particular state. Definitely no, I have read many books and news magazines of 70s and 80s wherein the role of leaders like Sardar Patel, Moraji Desai,Nehru, Rajiv, Atal bihari and so on , were with a national status who used to see the country above regions and foresee overall growth. But things have been in much narrowed down now  & With our democracy ageing we have been growing more in a regional space and may be that is affecting the overall face of growth in the country.
Now not for my relocation only but for an overall growing county in the world map we need to have better thinking people in the leadership roles and may be we need plans like the five year growth plan to review & monitor not only our economic growth but also our infrastructural growth, growth in living standard to development of the Human resource etc..
let me clarify that I am not in favour of any particular political party or and any other organization. I am only concerned about growth of the migrating youth and rural industrialization. May be the time soon come that people from metros throng to remote rural places for employment and a better living.

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