Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eye of the tiger...

After a long time I am feeling little low as I am just finding a way to react to this lost emotion. Days were there wherein I could just leave for a quiet place away from all noise and sit in a corner and think of all the good things in life and so on. But days are like years today and I am not getting a better smile from people around me too. When you are at a low you feel everybody to be at your service and to console you. Don't know why these emotions are made like this and why the human psychology is so.

Can't blame anyone for the things I have done and for the condition, hence need to introspect and come out. May be there is a bad day for everyone wherein strong people keep quiet and pull up the inner strength to fight back and come clean. My mind always been a lone soul and has managed to get itself settled down with less damage. 

Its time to remember the eye of the tiger and the good old days. 

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